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Wearable art, from craftsmen to your closet

Our story

What happens when a Malayali girl, born and brought up in Kolkata and living in the City of Dreams Mumbai decides to quit her successful corporate career one day to jump aboard the entrepreneurship wagon? A brand is born out of love and passion – with its roots in Indian tradition and its wings reaching for the sky. Indu Diva – much like its namesake founder – is an entity that reflects strength, passion, power, beauty, elegance and style!

Our line of sarees and jewellery always uphold the rich cultural heritage and crafts of our country. Our creations have their roots in traditional handicrafts, while embracing modern design sensibilities, thus resulting in pieces that are the perfect blend of form and function. We work with various craft forms from all over the country, creating wearable art for today’s modern women.


An exquisite collection of artistic products.

Bringing Indian jewellery and handloom sarees to the world.

Every piece is one of a kind!

Indu Nair

Ever since she can remember, our founder, Indu, always had a penchant for Indian arts and crafts that she channelled into DIYs, beading, braiding, upcycling, recycling over the years. In 2011, she finally decided to leave her steady corporate life and step into the shoes of an entrepreneur by launching her brand Indu Diva.

Indu has worked with some predominant craft clusters like Tholu Bommalata, Jaipur Blue Pottery, Dhokra metal craft to fashion stunning pieces of unique jewellery using the age-old craft techniques. The bestselling Cinnamon Spice necklace is an example of the quirky and modern vibe our products have. We also have a enriching repertoire of sarees that come from the skilled weavers from different states of India – Taants, Jamdanis & Linens from Bengal; Ikkat from Pochampally weavers; Bhujodi from Gujarat; and unique handpainted Kerala Kasavu inspired by the art of Raja Ravi Verma.


The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives that Indu had been a part of, during her corporate days, had nurtured her passion for giving back to the society at the grassroot level. Hence, for her brand, she strives to work with underprivileged artisans and women, in order to uplift them socially and financially. We thus aim at empowering the craftsmen and craftswomen of the country by taking their skills and crafts to a whole new level, and showcasing their heritage on a platform that reaches far and wide.

From curated boutique exhibitions to selling the pieces through our social media platforms, we have come a long way to finally launch our very own website! It has always been a globally-spread business built digitally on social media platforms. We have been showered with unbridled love and appreciation on Facebook and Instagram, and have the privilege of having clients from all over the world, most of whom have turned friends over the years. Our business has grown beyond just the products, to be a venture based on warm relationships and strong trust. We are extremely grateful, humbled and happy to present the Indu Diva website to you – hoping that through this new platform, our creations and the country’s crafts can reach many more souls who would love to own a piece of wearable art from the heartland of India.

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Traditional Indian art re-imagined into wearable art.


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